Project: Hacking a Webpage

Website to Hack

How to Change the Webpage

  1. Go to webpage

  2. Right click on webpage

  3. Click inspect

This is the HTML Code for the website!

Some Things to Try!

Can you find the header tag that contains 'Sample Web Page' and change it to something new!

Can you change the title of the Website to 'I hacked this site'. The title is the text that appears in the tab at the top.

Can you delete the photo from the website?

Can you change the date on the page to today's date?

What other changes can you make to this web page?

A Note on Hacking

While this is a fun exercise that can help you understand the hidden code of a website, none of the change we made are going to be permanent. If you refresh the page it will go back to normal. You should never try to actually hack a web page!