Roblox Studio

Scripting Examples

Roblox Studio

Roblox Stuido is a programing environment that allows users to create thier own roblox games using the programming language Lua.

Here you will find a collection of scripting examples broken down into easy to find categories


Use the animation editor to create an animation and then write a script that plays your animation


Open a doorway by touching a part near the door

Fire, Light, Explosions

If a simple oof just isn't cutting it for you try explosions instead!

First Person Shooter

How to make a gun

Make Bullets do Damage

Kills / Deaths Leaderboard

Reload, Zoom, Mouse Icon

Ammo GUI

Health GUI

Ammo Drop

Shift to Sprint

Kill Streaks


Run/Walk Button

Switch between running and walking with the simple click of a button!

Open up your own shop to sell power ups that can be used in your game!

Item Collection


This script can be added to a part and will cause the player to oof when they touch it! Good for obbies or just to add a "surprise" to your game.

Just like the die on touch script but spinning! Great for adding an extra challenge to get around.

This script allow you to move parts around during your game. Can be used in combination with die on touch script to create all sorts of oofing fun!

This script sets up a leader board system in your game that can be customize to your games currency or point system!

Cool magic trick to show your friends. Step on a part and watch as a new one appears out of thin air!


Add a little pep to your step with a dose of speed boost! Use with caution, or don't, it's just a game after all

This script allows you to wait for it . . . double jump!

I believe I can fly ♫ . . . wait how do I get back down again?

Remote Events


Click a button get points, simple enough?

Tired of clicking your mouse for points? Press a key instead!

This script sets up a leader board system in your game that can be customize to your games currency or point system!


This script turns a part into a teleportation pad that can be used to teleport players to another part of your game .... or into a dark pit, your choice!

Similar to the teleportation pad, but instead you click a button on the screen. Useful if you have multiple locations players teleport to regularly such as shops, lobbies, or checkpoints!

Another teleportation method, because why not? Now you can teleport by pressing a key on your keyboard!

Weapons, Enemies, and Combat


I . . . don't want to talk about it