Learn Arduino

Learning Arduino

What is Arduino?

Arduino Components

Micro Controller




Jumper Wire

Ultrasonic Sensor

Servo Motor


Combining Hardware and Software

Doing an Arduino project involves both hardware and software setup. Part of the project will involve setting up a circuit, or a complete path for electrons to flow. The other part will invlove writing a program to control the various components in your project.

Example of Hardware Setup

LED Circuit

Example of Software Setup

Arduino Program

Additional Information

More on Programming

Setting up a Circuit

What's Wrong?


Void Setup

This section of the program only runs once when the program begins. You normally use pinMode() in this section to setup which pins are going to be used later in the program and whether they are going to be used as OUTPUT or INPUT

Void Loop

This section of the program continue to loop as long as the program is running. The main part of your code will be placed in this section.

Void Setup

Sets pin 8 as OUTPUT

Void Loop

Turns LED ON and OFF


This functions sets a particular pin to act as either an INPUT or OUTPUT.

o An INPUT takes in or recieves information

o An OUTPUT give out power to the components in the circuit


Needs power to turn on


Takes in button state (pressed/not pressed)


This function allows you to send voltage (HIGH) or stop voltage (LOW) through the circuit.


LED Turns on


LED Turns off


This function allows you to add small "pauses" in your program in between lines of code. The time for the delay needs to be given in milliseconds and placed inside the parenthesis.



For Loops