In this project students will be constructing and programming a EV3 robot that can battle with another robot!

Overview of Project

How the battles will run:

The battles will take place in an enclosed space that can be marked out with masking tape. The size and shape of the battle area can vary according to the specific goal for the battles. For example, making a large arena may encourage students to use sensors to avoid going out of the ring, or for seeking out the opposing robot.

Two teams will face each other and the team that wins the best 2 out of 3 will be declared the winner for that match and can progress on to the next round.

A team wins by pushing the other robot out of the ring, flipping the robot over, or by knocking off a piece. It should be emphasized that the goal is not to try and knock off pieces but rather this rule is in place to encourage teams to build sturdy robots.

Programming the Robot